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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions may vary slightly depending on your individual sitter.

Cancellation Policy:  Your sitter will send their own terms and conditions including cancellation policy after meeting.

COVID-19 Quarantine:  For those of you still going away, we will keep in contact on your booking to make sure we can still visit should you end up being delayed.  We will check if you have other key holders and if not we will keep keys as standard until you’re on home turf!

Christmas/Bank Holiday:  We work all year round, including Christmas and bank holidays.  Unless for medication, we only offer once daily visits on Christmas Day and Boxing day.  These times have a slightly higher visit rate, which may vary depending on your postcode, but are generally as follows: Christmas day and Boxing day £15-£16 per visit   -   New Years Day, Easter Weekend & Bank Holiday Weekends £11-£12 per visit.  Please book as early as possible as we book up very early for these periods, and to make sure we have time to sort out a meeting that is good for you!

Extra Charges:  Depending on your location there may be an extra charge for small animals, and watering gardens depending on how big your garden is*!  If you are opting for once daily visits, but think your cat would benefit from time-specific feeds, we can provide a timer bowl for the second feeds at a cost of 50p per day.  These charges, if applicable, will be discussed with you when we come to meet you.  Key collections after the first initial meeting are chargeable*, or you are welcome to drop a key to us. 

Payment Terms:  Invoices are to be settled before due date or within 48 hours of your return home.  Method of payment should be arranged with your sitter in your initial meeting, as we each have slight differences in our payment terms.  We are currently only accepting BACS transfers for safety reasons

Additional Pet Supplies:  Prices quoted are for our time and travel to care for your cat. All food, milk, treats, litter and any other requirements for the wellbeing of your cat should be provided by you before going away. However, if anything runs out during the booking, we are happy to be reinbursed for any food or litter purchases on your arrival home (There will be a £5 charge to cover time and fuel for errand runs.  This will be added to your final bill along with the purchase receipt).  Please note this only includes pet supplies, we have alot of visits in a day so cannot always guarantee we will have time in between slots to run errands.  Where possible, we recommend you leave more than enough food/litter etc just incase as it can be difficult to do errand runs at busy times

Inoculations:  Unlike a cattery, we do not require your pets to be up to date with vaccinations, although it is good practice for them to be for the good of their health. However, please ensure that your animals are up to date with vet strength flea and worm treatment before you go away whether they are indoor or outdoor animals. This protects your pets from unwanted visitors and in turn protects our other clients too.

Outdoor Cats & Extra Visitors:  Although it is safer to keep your cats inside when you’re away,we understand that this does not work everyone, and a big appeal of cat sitting is that they stay in their routine. Please be aware that we cannot be held accountable for cats that wander while having access to a cat flap/being allowed outdoors, but will do all we can to help you them get home if they go missing while you’re away. We are also not held accountable if you have another person coming into your home while you’re away (e.g a neighbour/friend/cleaner who may let your cat out by accident). For this reason we always recommend that we are the only one visiting your animals to save any confusion. Please have a think about whether your cat has a regular outdoor routine before we meet, so that we can discuss it and come up with a plan to keep them indoors if you think they aren’t confident enough to be left with outside access while you’re not there.  **edit 2020** With the current pandemic, we are asking that we are the only ones visiting each day.  If you really have to have someone else coming in, we ask that we are told times for this so we can leave a few hours between for safety reasons.

Cleaning Up Mess:  Your house will be left as we found it on our first visit.  All visible mess (vomit, urine, faeces & 'kill' remains) will be cleared up during each visit, however we cannot be held responsible for mess made anywhere in the house after we have left on our final visit.

Assistants:  We have two assistants helping us in our local areas and if they are likely to be working any of your dates we will always discuss this with you.  Rest assured it has taken a long time, and alot of careful planning, to find the best fit for our businesses so we are confident in their trustworthiness with your cats and your home.  We have insisted they are DBS checked and fully insured before taking them on as team members. **edit 2020**  For the foreseeable future it will just be us visiting, unless we haven't been able to take on your enquiry, in which case we will let you know who is available and put you in touch with them directly.

Affiliates: In busy periods we have help for certain areas to cover volume of bookings.  We will discuss this with you beforehand and put you in touch with the person covering your area if this is the case.  The businesses we work alongside are affiliates of, and not working directly for, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Faith the Cat Sitter or The Cat Lady Norwich.  Any bookings passed to them as a result of an enquiry through Norwich Cat Sitting Services, The Cat Lady Norwich or Faith the Cat Sitter are the responsibility of the business in question, and not Norwich Cat Sitting Services, The Cat Lady Norwich or Faith the Cat Sitter.

* - This charge varies depending on your sitter.
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Privacy Policy

Your personal details supplied to us prior to, and during your bookings are fully confidential.  We will not pass on your details to third parties unless instructed to do so, and will not use emergency contact numbers unless the need arises.  Please make sure the person you give as your emergency contact knows that you have done so.  Your email address will be added to a mailing list which you can ask to be removed from at any time.

Your keys are kept in a securely locked location unless during a booking, where they are kept on a key chain easily identifable by us, but not to anyone else.  This is usually with a first name or a pets name.  Your keys will be returned to you via a method discussed at key collection.  If you are asked to leave a key in a safe place this place will not be made known to anyone but the sitter for your booking.

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