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How Long Are Your Visits & At What Time?

We don’t give a visit length as this depends on every individual cat and job, however when time allows in off peak seasons, if we notice you have a particularly affectionate cat that loves a lap and a cuddle we will be happy to accommodate and stay longer!  Feeds may be shorter if your cat is shy or nervous of strangers, to manage their anxiety levels, as well as if they are already out when we arrive or prefer to be left alone to do their own thing. 


We provide once daily visits to feed, refill timer bowls & water, clean litter areas and give fuss (when they want it!).  We also offer twice daily visits for kittens, medication and elderly cats depending on availability.  We will advise on what we can offer when you enquire.


We cannot give set time slots, but our visits are generally between 9-3pm, depending on where our schedule is taking us. We can set up timer bowls if the feeds require (eg if your cat gobbles their food or is only on wet food).  If we are doing two visits in a day, we would normally do the first visit sometime between 830am-12noon, and the second visit can be anytime from late afternoon, depending on workload.  Again, we can set a timer bowl on our second visit to make the feed later at their usual time if required.

Can You Administer Medication? What Happens If My Pet Becomes Ill While I'm Away?

Yes! We have plenty of experience with most forms of medicine; tablets, injections, liquids, inhalers and creams. Please state in your first message if your cat will need medication and if they are time-specific and we will do our best to accommodate this.

It's handy for us to have an emergency contact number, someone local, in case anything happens to you while you're away, or we need help with vet visits, so please think ahead about who this could be and give it to us on meeting, or leave it out for our first visit.

If your cat becomes unwell or is injured while you are away, with your permission we will take them to a vet and bring them home again when they have been assessed. We will give any aftercare advised by the vet while you're still away. If we can't contact you or your emergency contact given on our meeting, we will use our own judgement before making a decision as a duty of care. Before going away, please check with your vet on their procedure for cat sitters in case the need arises!

Will You Send Me Updates?

Yes! We can send you updates throughout the booking with messages, pictures and videos so you can feel confident that your lovely cat is OK while you are away from home. Please note it isn't always possible for us to take photos/videos at every visit, but rest assured we will send them when we get them! Updates can be sent by text, WhatsApp or email either daily or sporadically throughout your booking, or if you prefer the no-news-is-good-news approach, then of course, you can opt for us to only contact you in an emergency. The frequency of updates can be discussed in our initial meeting. Please note that photos and videos can only be sent via WhatsApp or Email.

Polite notice - If you haven't heard from us there is no need to text.  Rest assured that everything is fine, and we will update you when we visit, and if there was an emergency we would contact you straight away.

How Do I Make A Enquiry & What Happens Next?

Fill out our booking request form here.  Once we have been in contact, you can then contact us personally for future requests going forward.

Once you have sent your request, we will text you to advise availability for your dates, and then book you in once you have okayed it.  We will then contact you closer to your start date to arrange a suitable time to meet you and your cat/s. This meeting will usually be in the few weeks before your starting date, so that the information is fresh for us.  

We will also need to collect a spare key, so please make sure you have one ready for us when we come. During the meeting, we will take notes on all the important information including vet registration, feeding instructions, medication requirements etc. 

Please note that although we prefer to do a meet & greet before any first booking so that we know where everything is and know who we are feeding, if you are booking short notice this may not always be possible as we have limited meeting slots in a week.  In this instance we can discuss the information we need via Whatsapp and have a key dropped off to us at your convenience. You can read our reviews here for your peace of mind. 

What Happens To My Keys When You Have Collected Them?

Your keys are stored in a locked safe at our homes and only used when on a booking with your cat. We use name tags with only your first name, last name or pets name so they are easily distinguishable for us but no one else.  None of your personal information is given to any other party, unless we are told to by you. Method of key return will be discussed with you on meeting.

Do You Hold Keys For Future Bookings?

Yes! Holding your key can save a lot of time out of your busy life to drop us a key, or be at home for a key collection.  We still need notice for bookings from key holders, especially at peak times, but it definitely helps to streamline things.  Please note we only carry keys when on a booking with your cat so with that in mind we may not be available to return your key if you've locked yourself out.

All keys held are all marked with a clear identity tag (with no address or surname!) in a securely locked location at each of our homes and can be returned to you if needed at your request, when we are next able.

Please mention if you would like us to hold a key when booking, and have a spare key available on the date we arrange. There is also the option of leaving a key in a safe place, or we are well versed in all types of key safe so are happy to use one of these if you have one.

Do You Have A Cancellation Policy?

Yes, we do have cancellation policies and these will be sent over to you after meeting.

Do You Work Over Christmas & Bank Holidays?

We work to a limited service for Christmas & Easter, but we work 7 days a week all year round otherwise.  We book up for these periods extremely quickly so book in advance to avoid disappointment.  The service for the festive season is as follows;


Christmas Day & Boxing Day - Once a day feeds only, when available.  These days are charged at double your normal visit rate.  We can provide a timer bowl where needed.


New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter (Fri to Mon) - Once a day visits only, when available.  These days are charged at £12 per visit. We can provide a timer bowl where needed.


Bank Holidays - these are charged at  £11-12 per visit


Please note that our cancellation policies may differ if we are working over the festive period as it is harder for us to fill slots with there being less days to fit in meetings.  These will be in any terms & conditions sent across after meeting and if you would like to know this beforehand please ask the sitter that books you in.

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