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Covid-19: Social Distancing & Hygiene Guidelines

Given the recent situation, we are lucky that our profession is one that is quite socially distant in itself (we can go days only talking to cats!), as well as already having the need for good hygiene. However, following on from current Government information and keeping things 'for the times', we have put together some new guidelines for the tasks we do in our jobs, to keep ourselves and our clients safe and reassured.  We have also passed the following course in 'Preventing Covid-19' to give you that extra peace of mind that we are following all the right information to protect your homes and your cats.



We will carry hand sanitiser at all times. We will be sanitising our hands each time we leave our car, and will wash our hands frequently throughout each visit, before/after touching your pets, and also when leaving your home. We will sanitise all keys and door handles before and after use, and wipe down any work surfaces that we have touched, including the door handle as we leave. We will use gloves to tend to any litter trays, and use our own bin bags so we are not touching your household bin at all.  If you require us to pull wheelie bins in and out, we will sanitise the handles before moving them each time.


In the month run up to any new client booking, we do a free meet and greet to go through everything we need for our visits and to answer any questions, as well as meet your precious kitties and collect a key. We are still happy to visit you in your home as normal for meet and greets. However, we are also launching Video Call Meet & Greets for those of you who would prefer it. Obviously this isn’t how we would normally do things but feel it is right to adapt in this direction for now, to keep things as streamlined as possible.  This is the part of booking which might seem a bit more complicated now, but it needn't be with our new adaptations.  Our procedures for each choice are as follows;


  • We will wash our hands prior to leaving our homes or the visit beforehand, and then hand sanitiser will be used on leaving our cars when we arrive at your house. We can wear a mask if you wish.
  • We will be asking that the 2m rule is adhered to, and therefore would ask that it be only the person who made the booking showing us round (especially if the communal areas in your house are small) but if necessary, no more than 2 people. We can even go through things in your garden if you’d prefer it.
  • We would usually use this meeting to make our introductions and a fuss of your cat(s), if they’re willing, but we will have plenty of time for that on our visits so if you would prefer us not to on this occasion that’s perfectly fine!
  • We will need to collect a spare key, so would ask that this key is placed in an envelope or small food bag prior to us arriving, and then placed on a surface for us to pick up when signalled by you. This is the only time in the meeting we will touch anything in your home.
  • We won’t be able to accept cups of tea or coffee at this moment in time (although we very much appreciate the generosity and I’m sure we will be pining for one!). Sorry but we will also not be able to shake hands.
  • We would ask that you wipe down your front door handle when we leave just as an extra precaution for you.


  • This would be at a set time in the few weeks run up to your dates the same as a normal meeting, and can be done via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Video Call.
  • In the call, we will go through all the usual information we need and answer any questions, and also ask that you show us where things are kept if they aren’t going to be in a specific place.
  • We will also ask to 'meet' the kitties we will be looking after, and their favourite spots so we know where to look!  We quite often go to meetings where the cats are outside,  so in this instance sending us a photo would suffice. You might even get to meet our own kitties if they decide they would like to be part of the meeting!
  • We can also discuss how we will pick up the key - keys can be dropped through our home letterboxes if you are happy with that, or we can do a ‘drive by’ key collection where we would knock on your door at an arranged time, stand well back for you to put the key on your doorstep for us to get when you have closed your door. This way you can see us in the flesh too!
  • As normal, our insurance and DBS certificates can be supplied at any time for peace of mind.


When dropping a key off for us through our letterboxes, rest assured the flaps will be disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day when we are home. Please put the key in an envelope with ONLY YOUR CATS NAME or YOUR SURNAME on when you drop them off.  This is so we know who’s is who’s but also to protect you. We will supply full address details and our doors are quite obvious so you know you’re in the right place. When we are returning keys, we will wipe the key down with sanitiser before putting in a envelope. If we are dropping it through your door, we will sanitise our hands before dropping it off. Remember that we also hold keys for future bookings so if you would like us to do this, even just until things are moving forward, please let us know. They are stored in locked safes at our homes.


All of our paperwork is done electronically, including invoicing, so you have no need to worry about touching a pen or paper. We would ask at this time that payment is done by BACS transfer, and no cash left for safety reasons. This can be done anytime up to 48 hours of your return home.

We hope this is all reassuring and if you have any special requests yourself, or any questions please drop us message as we are very accommodating and flexible.

Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting, nr1, nr2, nr3, nr4