Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting, nr1, nr2, nr3, nr4
Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting

Service Outline

How It Works?

We tailor each visit to suit the needs of every individual cat, as we understand that all cats are very different and like to be around people in different ways.   We take a great deal of time really getting to know each cat that we look after to ensure they have the best possible care.  This includes taking all the notes we need on our initial meeting, and taking our first few visits with your cat slowly so they get to know us and us them.  

We can visit your cat once or twice a day to feed, fuss, cuddle, play, groom, and ensure their well-being. We can also cater to three times a day visits for very young kittens or on essential medical grounds.  There is no set visit time because as we mentioned above, every cat is different and we judge the visits on each cat's personality, so durations can vary depending on this.  If your cat is particularly playful, we can have lots of fun with toys and games! If your cat is a “lap cat” we can make extra time for this and get plenty of cuddles in! Some cats just love to be brushed and stroked so if this is your cat – leave out the brush! Or if your cat is more of the independent type and simply wants to be fed and let out or left alone to snooze, then that’s fine too!  For very nervous cats and cats that find visits from strangers particularly stressful, our approach would be to ensure they have everything they need to be safe, well, fed and watered on a daily basis and leave them to relax quietly in their 'safe place' without any further disruption or anxiety.  Despite being anxious, these types of cats are still much better off with a sitter in their own home, with their own smells and routine, than in a cattery.

We can discuss what type of visit you think your cat will want at the time of booking, and will use this information on our first few visits to really tailor our service to the needs of your cat! We will keep you updated throughout the booking with messages, pictures and videos so you can feel confident that your lovely cat is OK while you are away from home.

As well as your cat, we can also feed and look after other small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, hens and chickens, so feel free to ask us about this!  Sorry, but we don't offer dog sitting, dog walking or overnight stays, and we don't offer boarding from our own homes.

Please see the below list of all the tasks undertaken throughout the booking:

  • Cleaning the feeding area, washing food bowls on every visit and cleaning up any mess made throughout the booking.

  • Clean, change and empty litter trays as directed and change bedding of small animals.

  • Keeping indoor cats inside, and letting in/out those who go outside if they don't have a cat flap

  • Administering medication - we have experience with most forms of medicine: tablets, injections, liquids, inhalers and creams. Please state in your first message if your cat will need medication and if they are time-specific.

  • Text/WhatsApp/Email updates and photos periodically throughout your booking either daily, every other day or once/twice a week. Or if you prefer the no-news-is-good-news approach, then you can opt for us to only contact you in an emergency. Please note photos can only be sent via Whatsapp, Email or Facebook Messenger.

  • Household chores such as watering plants, putting out bins, gathering mail, turning on lights, radios and opening/closing of curtains. (Please note for big gardens we may add an extra charge)

  • If your cat becomes unwell or is injured while you are away, with your permission we will take them to a vet and bring them home again when they have been assessed. We will give any aftercare advised by the vet while you're still away. If we can't contact you or your emergency contact given on our meeting, we will use our own judgement before making a decision. Before going away, please check with your vet on their procedure for cat sitters in case the need arises!

Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting

What Happens Next?

Once you have made and confirmed your booking, we will arrange a suitable time to come over and meet you and your cat/s.  Please note that we both cover seperate areas of the city, so the sitter for your area will reply to your query personally.  Due to the volume of bookings, we can only schedule meet & greets in the month before a booking commences (sometimes slightly earlier at peak times), so that information is fresh, and your cat remembers us on our first visit!  We will also need to collect a spare key, so please make sure you have one ready for us when we come.  If for any reason a spare key isn't ready for us to collect at meet & greet, we are happy to provide our home addresses for you to drop a key off to us at your convenience, in time for the booking.  During the meeting, we
 will spend some time getting to know your cat/s and taking notes on all the important information including vet registration, general daily routine and feeding instructions, medication requirements, all their quirky likes and dislikes and much more!  It is also handy for us to have an emergency contact number, someone local, incase anything happens to you while you're away, or we need help with vet visits, so please think ahead about who this could be.  Please click here to read our Terms & Conditions.

After our first meeting (including key collection), for future bookings we ask a key is dropped through our doors at our home addresses, or left in a safe place or key safe (unless there are circumstances which prevent you travelling).  We both live in the middle of the areas we cover so are easy accessible.  Alternatively, we offer a free, secure key holding scheme, which saves on collections and drop offs.  If you think you would benefit from us holding a key to your property (this is especially helpful if you go away a lot, or at short notice), please scroll down to read more.

At our initial meeting, we will discuss how you would like your key returned.  This will usually be by posting back through your letterbox at the end of the booking (only if we know someone else has a key, in case we need to get back in!), left in a safe place, or returned through your door when we know you have arrived safely home, at our earliest convenience when we are passing.  Sorry, but we cannot arrange to drop the key back to you in person due to volume of bookings. 

Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting

Visiting Times

5* Norwich cat sitting - 7 days a week Monday - Sunday.

Mornings: 7.30am - 12 noon / Lunch: 12.30pm- 3pm / Afternoon/Evenings: 3.30pm - 8.30 pm

We work to a route depending on our schedules for each day so due to that reason unfortunately we cannot offer specific times for a visit, but will guarantee the visit will fall into the time of day you have requested. For once daily visits, please specify a slot if your cat isn't OK with a flexible time.  For cats on time-specific medications (e.g. Insulin injections) please let us know on the initial booking so we can do our very best to accommodate this.

Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting, nr1, nr2, nr3, nr4
Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting

Secure Key Holding Scheme

We thrive to provide the best, most flexible cat care service for all our clients and part of this is the offer of a FREE OF CHARGE key holding service to anybody thinking of becoming a regular client.

Holding your key can save a lot of time out of your busy life to drop us a key, or be at home for a key collection, and it ensures our availability for your bookings. Clients that we hold keys for are always top of the list and can almost always be guaranteed a slot. All that we ask is at least 48 hours notice.  Please note that peak times (Easter, Bank Holidays, Summer Holidays & Christmas/New Year book up well in advance, so you would still need to book as far in advance as possible for your peace of mind)

All keys held are all marked with a clear identity tag (with no address or surname!) in a securely locked location at each of our homes and can be returned to you if needed at your request.  Please note we only carry your key when we are on a booking with your cat, so we would need some notice to drop a key back to you, as 9 times out of 10 we will be out on visits when you contact us. Some benefits of this free-of-charge extra are as follows:

  • Flexibility for short notice requests, emergency visits and if you go away a lot throughout peak times when it will be hard for us to fit in a key collection.

  • Avoids the need for you to drop a key to us, or be at home for a key collection at an un-social or inconvenient time in the run up to your booking.

  • Ensures we still have a key after the last visit is completed just in case any delays occur or you decide to extend your trip last minute.

  • There will be someone within city centre reach with a key to your property should you lock yourself out or need a spare key for any other emergency.

Please mention if you would like us to hold a key when booking, and have a spare key available on the date we arrange. You will be required to sign a key holding form which we will either have on our meeting or leave out with an SAE for posting back.

There is also the option of leaving a key in a safe place, dropping one through our letterbox nearer to your dates, or using a key-safe box if you have one.  We are well versed in all types of key-safe boxes and are more than happy to use these if they are available.


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Norwich Cat Sitter, Cat Sitter Norwich, Cat Sitting Norwich, Norwich Cat Sitting Services, Cat Sitting, nr1, nr2, nr3, nr4